SPRING POP-UPS are around the corner!

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Have you been meaning to set up your family photo shoot for months and feel like you've run out of time?

Were the kids' school pictures just terrible this year and you really want a great portrait of their cute little faces to hang on the walls?

Or maybe your parents ask you for photos every season and you've decided that this is the year you're going to make their dreams come true.

Whatever your reason is for needing new portraits of your kids, we're here to help!


We aim to please our busy Chicago parents.

Our POP-UP sessions are QUICK, FUN and EASY. What better way to receive modern updated portraits of your child. We shoot on a simple white backdrop and capture the simple beauty of your kiddo. No CHEEEESE here!

It's pretty much a no-brainer.


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Modern School Portraits POP-UP sessions- SPRING 2019 edition!

For Who

This is for CHILDREN and BABIES ONLY. 

We will do siblings together, but this is NOT for entire families (sorry parents!), extended family (cousins, grandparents, etc), maternity, or newborn.


Sunday, May 19 | The Robey Hall, 2022 W. North Avenue

How Much? 

A non-refundable session fee of $49.95 per family which you pay when you reserve your session time slot.
You will get a viewing gallery approx 2 weeks from your session date where you can order digital files, prints, and canvas. Each gallery will have a guaranteed minimum of  2-5 portraits of your kiddo(s), depending on how willing they are to have us photograph them. In our experience, some kids let us get a TON of photos, and some are less expressive and willing. Each photo will be presented in both color and black and white. 

Location details and preparation tips will be sent with your session confirmation upon booking.


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Digital Packages:
All photos in album for single child: $90.00
*Buy one digital album, get each additional album for 50% off!
One digital file: $45.00

Print Collections:

Collection {1} $18.00; (1) 5x7, (4) wallets
Collection {2} $20.00 (2) 5x7, (8) wallets
Collection {3} $20.00 (1) 8x10, (8) wallets
Collection {4} $30.00 (1) 8x10, (1) 5x7, (8) wallets


Metal Prints

5x7 $45.00
8x10 $55.00
11x14 $90.00
16x20 $180.00


Additional Prints:
(8) wallets $10.00
  5x7 $10.00
 8x10 $15.00
 11x14 $20.00

Additional sizes available on request. 

Sunday, May 19th
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