Goodbye, ‘old school’ pictures | Introducing Modern School Portraits

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Let us guess- you recently received a school portrait packet from your child's preschool. Your kid is sporting a forced smile, holding a seasonal prop and your package is half-bent. Not to mention the super seasonal faux backdrop that is a bit (how can we say this nicely)… distracting? 

PLUS, now you feel obligated to buy this unflattering portrait because it IS your child, after all. Heck, all of the images have already been pre-printed and you don't want to waste the paper! Poor Mother Earth. #savethetrees

All of this sounds familiar. Because I'VE been there as a preschool parent myself. My name is Jenny Grimm, and I’m the Mommy Founder of Modern School Portraits. My own kiddos came home with the dreaded portrait packets and I had this exact experience and sentiment.


jenny grimm vintage school portrait.jpg

This is pretty much self-sabotage.... Yep, that's ME!



So here at Modern School Portraits, we’ve taken it upon ourselves to re-invent the ‘school picture day’ process. We’d much rather infuse a bit more of your child’s personality along with a professional portrait quality to bring you images of your children exactly how you want to remember them:


Modern School Portraits provides families with top-notch images that are unforced, genuine, and candid. Your child's laughter, joy, silliness, and solemn expressions will be cherished for years to come - all with a boutique, polished feel.

An extra bonus?!


©2017 Modern School Portraits Twin Asian Sisters Preschool

(How often do you manage an image of your two kiddos like this?)

Jenny Grimm