You Asked, We Listened! | Trouble-shooting School Print Cuts

Ever run into the problem of needing to cut those school photo prints yourself??

We had a lot of parent requests asking us to offer a pre-cut upgrade to their school prints.

We created a solution.

✂️We now conveniently offer multiple options, all available during checkout!

🤳🏻Fast forward summary:
👉Min 1:46- See where to select your pre-cut upgrade selections in your school gallery during checkout
👉Min 2:22- Jenny’s DIY trim tutorial

Jenny Grimm
Happy National Siblings Day

We love being able to include siblings together on School Picture Day!

national siblings day modern school portraits picture day

Local to Chicago, and in dire need of updating your children’s portraits??

We only require ONE signup fee per family during registration for our upcoming Spring POP-UP next month!

Find more information and book your slot now: SPRING POP-UP

Jenny Grimm